Police Taser Saves Locked Buck

North American Hunter headquarters are located southwest of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, and most of us editors drive into work from farther west. From experience we’ve learned that one of the places to take it slow with our pickups and always look for whitetails crossing the roads is the area around Lake Minnetonka.

We provide this background info as a way to put the video and story below in some context. We learned minutes ago about two Lake Minnetonka trophy whitetails that not only still hadn’t shed their antlers, but for some reason they felt the desire to fight. And unfortunately for them, they became locked.

The text immediately below is from the story description on YouTube. Amazing!

“South Lake Minnetonka Officers received a call for two deer with their antlers stuck together. Unfortunately, one of the deer had already died when officers arrived. The live deer was violently jumping and thrashing in an attempt to free itself, and it was evident that it had been for a significant amount of time. Officers weighed multiple options, considering available resources, the safety of themselves and residents and the live deer itself. Officers employed the use of a Taser to temporarily incapacitate the deer and, with the help of a nearby resident, quickly cut an antler, freeing it. The deer then ran off.”

Click here to watch the amazing scene. Be sure to turn up the volume and listen closely at the 21-second mark; you can hear the taser hit the deer.

Video courtesy of the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department; Feb. 2015

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