Popular Pedestal Mounts

Anyone walking the outfitter isles at the recent Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, noticed that artistry in taxidermy stood out—literally. No matter where you looked, you could see elk, deer and African animals mounted on pedestals that put the animals right at eye level. Perhaps the phrase “wall-hanger” is going the way of the landline.

“Pedestals are a neat option from a presentation standpoint, and you see the animal at eye level instead of hanging it on the wall, where you see the underside,” said Wes Good, president and founder of Wildlife Artistry LLC. “It can be more creative since you can include some of the natural scenery. The other thing is we can put multiple animals on one pedestal, which saves space. Here (photo below) we have four animals on one pedestal, which saves space, and allows it to be displayed in the center of a room or in a corner utilizing an area you couldn’t use for hanging something on the wall. It creates a really neat composition instead of the standard flat mount on the wall.”

It’s important to note that you’ll have more cost for a pedestal due to finishing out the back of the mount and the furniture. However, by putting multiple animals on a single base, you save some of that cost.

“We mount a lot of whitetail deer this way, and our catalog and website have multiple options that hunters can choose from,” Good continued. “You want to cape your animal in the usual way for a pedestal, yet it’s always a good idea to leave plenty of cape beyond the shoulder. More is always better.”

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