Must-Have Montana Decoy

Montana Decoy is one of those companies that boast a cult-like following among super-serious hunters. In other words, if you know the brand and depend on their products, then chances are excellent your freezer is full of everything from turkey breasts to elk backstraps.

The company’s goal isn’t to be the biggest supplier of the decoys on the planet. Instead of trying to be everything to everybody (read: recipe for failure), they want to dominate one segment of the market. So what does Montana Decoy dominate?

If you love to run-and-gun for gobblers, you know it’s critical to travel light, and no one makes turkey decoys that are more compact and light than Montana Decoy. Need proof? Check out the video below.

The hunter in the video is Montana Decoy’s President C.J. Davis, and he’s showing off the features of the new Miss Purr-fect Hen. It has a 3D body, but collapses to fit in your turkey vest. And it weighs next to nothing.

The realism of the soft-edge feather cut is something hard-bodied decoys just can't capture, and for hunters who wish to challenge themselves by carrying a bow, it’s this attention to detail that keeps a tom at point-blank range while you draw, aim and fire.

Does the Miss Purr-fect Hen fool a tom as well as a taxidermy hen? Maybe not. But it costs only 10 percent as much, and you don’t have to hire a Sherpa to carry your dekes.

I own a couple of taxidermy hens, and I’ve killed numerous gobblers with my bow as a result (below), but this spring I’ll be shedding some pounds and bulk and giving the Montana Decoy Miss Purr-fect Hen a try instead.

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