Billy Molls: Modern Day Mountain Man

Every hunter yearns for adventure that can be found only in the untouched wilds of North America’s Last Frontier—Alaska. Whether it’s forging deep into the mountains in search of Dall’s sheep, calling rut-crazed bull moose to a riverbank, or matching wits with the ever-intelligent and dangerous grizzly, Guide Billy Molls can help make your dream hunt a reality.

Having guided in Alaska for the past 17 years, Billy Molls hunts in some of the most remote and game-rich areas of the state. He doesn’t guarantee you’ll shoot a 70-inch moose, a 10-foot bear or a 40-inch ram; these are fair-chase hunts, and Billy will do everything in his power to keep you safe and ensure that your Alaskan adventure exceeds your expectations. Shown below is client Sam Triplett (left) and Billy Molls with Sam’s 9-foot 7-inch Alaska Peninsula brown bear; the boar’s skull measured 26.75 inches.

Billy’s path to becoming an Alaska guide is unique. He grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, but always dreamed of what it would be like to hunt in Alaska. At the age of 19, he left the family dairy farm to fulfill that dream. His experiences fishing, trapping and hunting with his father and grandfathers in the lakes, ponds and woods near his Wisconsin home nurtured a passion for outdoor adventure that could only be contented in the wilds of Alaska. After attending a guide school in Montana and a 2-year apprenticeship in the bush of the Last Frontier, Billy became a licensed Alaskan big-game hunting guide.

In addition to guiding (and living in a tent for more than 100 days a year!), Billy enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences through his writings, seminars and videos. For a sample of his DVD series, “The Modern Day Mountain Man,” check out the Season 6 trailer below.

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The moose shown at the top of this page (and photo below) was taken by one of Billy’s clients, and Billy shared details about the hunt recently on Facebook:

“Anyone who has ever hunted moose knows how good it feels to pack out the last load! (Alaska law requires that all meat is packed out before the antlers.) We knew his antlers were large, but I was elated when we walked up to this bull; he was about 25 percent smaller in body size than a typical bull of this caliber. He had a large, healed abscess on his side (probably from fighting the previous fall), which obviously attributed to his lack of muscle mass. With packer Derrick Campbell doing the lion's share of the work, we packed this bull 2.5 miles over the course of 2 long days.”

So how much meat can you expect from a mature Alaska moose? Shown below is Billy holding one backstrap from a different bull. “In total,” he said, “it’s 1,000 pounds of some of the finest meat a man can eat. None of it is wasted.”

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