Best. Children's. Gift. Ever.

As dads of up-and-coming young hunters (hopefully), we editors are always on the lookout for anything that might help us instill a love of the outdoors in our children.

Recently we learned about Drake's Adventures, a new series of children's sound books designed to engage youngsters in the outdoors. Check out the video below and you’ll see first-hand that these books are the real deal. The clip includes an archery turkey hunt!

Everyone knows that reading to children is the best way to prepare them for learning. Reading—even for just a few minutes before bedtime—enhances child/parent bonding, knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, concentration, etc. And ask any good teacher and they’ll tell you that involvement heightens interest. This is why author, Keith Beam, and illustrator, Steve Karras, have developed this series of children’s sound books. By reading these books to your kids, and letting them participate by pushing the sound buttons, you’re triggering engagement and learning.

It’s no accident that Drake's Adventures books feature a young boy, Drake, whose adventures all center around hunting and fishing. The first book, entitled Spring Thunder, is all about turkey hunting. The push-button sounds include a gobbling tom turkey and a variety of turkey call sounds among other things. In the story, Drake's father arrows a big tom with Drake by his side in the blind.

Says author, Keith Beam (photo top of page), co-founder of Double Bull Blinds: "The two most important things in my world are my kids and hunting. The entire Drake's series is designed to give parents an opportunity to read to their kids and give kids an opportunity to be introduced to the thrill of hunting and fishing. It doesn't get any better than that. My dream is to have a part in creating a new generation of little hunters and fishermen!"

Congrats to Beam and Karras on producing a killer first book, and we can’t wait to learn about the second one in the series.

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