SCOUT Members: $59.95 Knife For Only $6.95!

You can never own too many guns, and likewise, you can never own too many knives. To help add to your knife collection, we’re offering this North American Hunting Club Collector’s Edition Folding Knife (SRP of $59.95) for only $6.95—but you better act quick!

We truly appreciate your SCOUT membership, so we've got an awesome offer for you. The first 85 members who respond will get this North American Hunting Club knife for only $6.95. The $6.95 will cover our shipping and handling; limit one knife per person.

Featuring a picture-perfect Western scene of a mature pronghorn buck on the blade, this knife measures 4.5 inches when folded (7.75 inches opened). It also has a sturdy belt clip for those hunters who prefer carrying a blade on their belt.

We're excited to continue to bring you many Members-only stories and videos. We're also busy putting together more benefits—stories, events, contests, sweepstakes and products. We're looking forward to an exciting 2015 and, again, we appreciate your membership and hope you get your click in early for this great knife.

Editor's note: This is a no-strings-attached offer. To cut to the chase, we ended up with too many knives in our warehouse, and if you'll cover the shipping/handling ($6.95), we'll send one your way. Thanks.

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