My Dog Is Better Than The Westminster Winner

I got a random call from one of our employees in New York City (you know who you are) going on about how cool the fluffy dogs in the Westminster Dog Show were. He suggested that I do a write up on the show. I got to thinking, and instead decided to show off how great my dog is compared to those primped and pressed show dogs.

I have to admit this year’s winner, Miss P. is a beagle and beagles are used for hunting and tracking so I wouldn’t exactly call her a fluffy dog. And my dog is a breed that’s featured in the show, she is registered, and has a fluffy dogs name—Daffodil Noodle Gustafson—that’s what I get for letting my wife name her. Daffy, as she’s called around our house, is an American Brittany and in my opinion better than any show dog Westminster could conger up. Here’s why:

  1. She hunts. Need I say more? Probably not, but I will.

  2. She loves my kids. Daffy can’t get enough of my kids and they can't get enough of her.

  3. Daffy loves all human babies. She has some sort of motherly instinct, unless you have a treat or a rawhide bone, then nothing else matters.

  4. She’s there whenever anyone in the house is having a rough day and need some cheering up.

  5. Daffy was very easy to train. Heck, we even taught her to whisper, in the house instead of barking when another neighborhood dog walks by. It’s an oooff … rrrooff sound she makes as her lips flap all over the place.

  6. She loves my wife even more when she’s pregnant. I might like this one more than my wife does.

  7. We have our own personal discarded food vacuum. This is a huge bonus especially with three kids under seven.

  8. She loves to do random photo bombs. It seems whenever you want to take any photos Daffy just shows up.

  9. I only need to say Daff come one time and she comes running.

  10. She's my best pal

Needless to say I honestly don’t know what our family would do without Daffy she’s the best dog in the world, as far as I’m concerned.

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