TBT: Best Turkey Hunting Parody Of All Time

If winter has you in a funk, escape for a minute and enjoy this Throwback Thursday video showcasing a must-see clip of a hunter/turkey encounter. Remember, spring is just around the corner, and with it comes thunderous gobbles!

The video below (be sure to watch the kill shot!) has had more than 1.1 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded in early December 2008. I did a bit of investigative research online and discovered the following background info.

At the time of the parody, brothers Phil and Lee Edmonds were soldiers in the U.S. military. Phil, who plays the strutting gobbler, and Lee, the hunter, were on leave from Iraq at Thanksgiving before being deployed back to the Middle East. The brothers put on this backyard show for the many relatives in attendance at the huge family gathering.

Phil and Lee’s sister wrote on Facebook: To make it even better, we live on Possum Ridge . . . so there you go . . . a bunch of rednecks from Possum Ridge. My brothers are wonderful young men who love their country and their families!

And a cousin to the men wrote: Please keep watching the video and commenting, it really brightens their day. And keep them, their families and all the soldiers in your thoughts and prayers.

We editors thank Phil and Lee Edmonds—and all U.S. military personnel and their families—for their service!

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