Playing With Fire

Fire can giveth, and fire can taketh away. But when a prescribed burn is executed correctly, it can take your whitetail and turkey property to levels you never fathomed.

From early settlement and ever-denser human populations across North America, to the aggressive Smokey The Bear campaign used by the National Forest Service to cut the potential for wildfires, people have been hammered with the fears that fire is bad. And to a certain degree, that is a very rational fear because of how quickly fire can consume homes and crops.

But somewhere in translation, the importance of fire ... in the form of a prescribed burn ... has lost it's ignition. Prescribed burns are crucial for the proper management of wildlife habitat, and threats of an uncontrolled wildfire resulting from a prescribed burn are nearly eliminated with proper techniques and precautions.

Check out this extremely detailed video about the intricacies of creating an effective and safe prescribed burn.

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