Why You Should Move To The Rockies

I’m not really looking for any more neighbors, but there’s more than one reason why I love calling the Rocky Mountains home.

I moved to Wyoming a handful of years back. The move was for several reasons and I can’t deny a major consideration was selfishness. I wanted my family and me to have access to the great hunting that’s famous in the Rocky Mountains—big game, upland game and predators alike.

Another major reason for moving to Wyoming is its 50 percent makeup of public land. You also can’t ignore the fact that less than 600,000 hardy folks who follow a conservative lifestyle live in the entire Cowboy State. That ranks Wyoming the lowest in population and the second least densely populated of the 50 United States.

Wyoming is home to the first national park, Yellowstone. It’s home to the first national monument, Devil’s Tower. It’s also home to the first national forest, the Shoshone. Can you think of more reasons why Rocky Mountain states such as Wyoming are grand locations to call home?

I could bore you some more with tourist statistics, but here’s one you might have overlooked. If the United States were to ever experience a zombie outbreak, a new study proclaims that the Rocky Mountains are a top location to hide out and survive the undead apocalypse.

You don’t even have to read the report to understand why the Rocky Mountains are a great hiding location to avoid becoming a zombie. Jammed cities increase the spread of infection. When’s the last time you flew on an airplane and didn’t come home with the sniffles or full-out flu? The Rockies offer small communities, rural lifestyles and ranches that don’t see visitors for months at a time. It’s fairly easy to put some space between you and your neighbor if you try.

You also have to include the fact that the West is full of NRA card-carrying, Second Amendment advocates. These guys and gals have weapon caches, ammunition dumps and they know how to shoot. Watch out walking dead. I even have a supply of Hornady’s Zombie Max ammunition specifically designed to tip over annoying, uninvited freaks.

Those shooting skills also help in survival and independence when it comes to putting food on the table. Subsistence hunting is reality for many Westerners, and whether it’s food for the table or fur for warmth, you can bet that it only takes one good shot to put the goods on the table.

Lastly, the Rocky Mountains offer even more escape than its small-town atmosphere. You can escape further into the wilderness and leave the sights and sounds of Mayberry behind. Most of my friends have the gear to make a permanent mountain camp, filter water and put food on the fire without the help of an electrical outlet.

The Brad Pitt movie “World War Z” might be just Hollywood hype, but with the recent Ebola outbreak, terror threats and inner-city riots, I think I’ll embrace this study and stay put right here in Wyoming, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

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