Tested: LOWA Z-6S GTX

From tactical to turkeys, the LOWA Z-6S GTX is a high-performance hiking boot built for the toughest conditions.

I’ve worn LOWA Boots for more than a decade, everything from low-cut everyday hikers to 8-inch-tall insulated boots suitable for a mountain goat hunt. But more often than not, I prefer something more in the middle, and LOWA’s latest offering, the Z-6S GTX, is my new favorite model.

If you visit the LOWA website and click “Catalog,” you’ll find the Z-6S GTX listed under the headings for Task Force/Tactical, as well as Hunting. As the product description states, the Z-6S GTX is a “rugged, multi-function boot designed for demanding missions, while carrying heavy packs over varied and extreme terrain.” In other words, it’s perfect for United States soldiers protecting our freedoms in far-off lands, and perfect for you when trying to fill your family’s freezer.

I trust you can read all of the boot specs yourself, so I won’t waste space doing it here. I will say, however, that the Z-6S GTX (GTX stands for GORE-TEX) is unbelievably comfortable, true to size (while wearing a lightweight hiking sock) and while I’ve been wearing the hikers for only a few months, by all accounts it appears they’ll be at least as durable as all of my other LOWAs, which is to say, nearly bullet-proof.

I chose the dark brown color (photo above) because I plan to turkey hunt in the boots this spring, but they’re also available in black, desert or sage. The latter two colors would be ideal for any western hunt.

Note: This hiker is also available in an 8-inch model, the Z-8S GTX, and it’s highlighted in the video below. Great video, great boot!

Click here to view and buy the sage-colored Z-6S GTX from Amazon.

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