This Weekend’s Turkey Workout

Are you looking for something to do this weekend other than spring cleaning or home gutter damage from tons of snow?

Well, why not sight in your turkey shotgun and bust some paper snoots? Turkey season is right around the corner, so you need to get your shotgun out and pattern it. I’m getting excited about putting some loads through my CVA Apex with a 12-gauge barrel. Most shotguns will kill a turkey out to 30 yards with little or no modification, but if you want a hotrod shotgun, you can modify it to shoot to 70 yards and beyond.

Check out this video on the versatility of the CVA Apex:

Look into turkey chokes such as the Undertaker series from Hunter’s Specialties. Today, most major manufacturer’s offer choke options and there are dozens of companies that can fit any shotgun for tight turkey patterns.

To really get Stanley-hammer-power out of your turkey hunting rig, shop for a shotshell designed specifically for the big birds of the woods. Some shotgun loads don’t even require an extra choke modification to your shotgun.

Check out Hornady Heavy Magnum shotshells. Hornady’s Versatite Wad actually does the patterning for you without spending extra money on a choke. You can expect great results out to 50 yards and the Heavy Magnum Turkey shotshells are available in both 12- and 20-gauge ammunition.

To see true results without purchasing a live turkey from the farmer down the road, purchase a pile of Caldwell Orange Peel Animal Targets. Of course you want to get them in turkey style. These targets feature the head of a mature gobbler and allow you to see, with halo effect, where your pellets are hitting. Shoot a shotshell from varying ranges, with and without a choke and with varying ammunition. After a few pattern tests you’ll be able to see what load partners best with your shotgun.

My goal in turkey hunting is to get a bird right in my face, but time is always a factor and if you only have a day or 2 to hunt, it’s good insurance to have a shotgun that will drop a bird at longer distances.

While testing loads one spring, some friends and I had one shotgun shooting guaranteed shots at 70 yards and even pushed a couple to 85 yards. Nevertheless, I like my gobbling to be within 30 yards and 20 yards is even better.

It’s almost spring turkey season. Smack some paper now for a longbeard later.

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