Wicked New Friction Calls

Knowledge and experience from real hunters in real conditions gave birth to the Wicked Series of friction turkey calls from Zink Calls.

Offered in both slate and crystal the new Wicked Series friction calls utilize Brazilian cherry to create a wood pan which is then impregnated with acrylic—a system Zink Calls has used with their waterfowl products for years. By combining the acrylic technology with slate and crystal surfaces it makes a friction call that preforms in all weather condition.

The acrylic component is key in waterproofing the wood pan from spring snow, rain or damp weather and as an added benefit you don’t get the common swell or shrink that occurs in with most wood style pans. Plus, the impregnation of acrylic adds a whole new sound dimension to these custom-built friction calls by giving them more tone and sound. They also feature a no-slip grip ring, and a striker conditioner that’s integrated into the bottom of the pan.

Want more info about the new Wicked Series Calls or other products from Zink Calls go to ZinkCalls.com.

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