Start Your Bowfishing Addiction

Ever thought about giving bowfishing a try? Muzzy makes it easy with their new low-cost and compact Addict Bowfishing Kit. The kit includes everything you need to start slaying fish or upgrade from your current setup.

The bowfishing kit boasts a 58-inch-long, three-piece takedown, recurve bow that’s drilled and tapped for accessories. The 40-pound draw weight at 28 inches won't leave you tired after only a few shots. With magnesium risers to add strength and vibration reduction and limbs built of laminated maple and fiberglass, this bow is sure to perform well on the water.

Muzzy's new stainless steel XD Pro Reel comes pre-spooled with 150-pound Spectra line, and has a unique finger-activated lever switch that clearly indicates if your bail is open or locked. It attaches to the riser with an integrated stainless steel mount that reduces weight and allows for easy, single-bolt mounting.

The Addict Bowfishing Kit also includes the new Muzzy Fish Bone arrow, a 32-inch custom-infused coated fiberglass arrow with special wear-resistant graphics. Plus, you’ll get the Muzzy quick-release carp point with the kit.

Wait, There's More
Muzzy’s not done yet, along with your bow, reel and arrow you’ll get a Muzzy Fish Hook rest and a pair of neon green finger guards.

The entire kit retails at only $249.99 or if you’re just looking to upgrade your bow you’ll be able to purchase the Muzzy Addict Bow for a suggested retail price of $169.99.

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