TBT: Texas Nilgai With Larry

Join Larry Weishuhn on this throwback nilgai hunt, in South Texas.

Did you know the nilgai is originally from India and was released into South Texas in the early 1930's? As a non-native species or exotic you are able to hunt them year round, allowing hunters one of the most changeling hunts in Texas. Why is the hunt so difficult—nilgai have hearing and eyesight just as good if not better than a whitetail and an uncanny ability to sense danger.

Nilgai's are also known to be some of the tastiest animals on four hooves. So if you're looking for a challenging hunt with the spoils being a cool Euro mount and some of the tastiest meat that will ever tickle your taste buds be sure to book a South Texas nilgai hunt.

Now, sit back and enjoy this throwback nilgai hunt and see if Larry connects with the massive bull he's after.

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