Spring Bears With A Bow

NAH-TV Host Luke Hartle hunts spring color-phase black bears at Agassiz Outfitters in the Interlake Region of Manitoba. One bear, one arrow ... one shot.

Hunting turkeys are great, but the rush that comes to being withing whispering distance of a mature black bear touches something turkey hunting just doesn't quite reach for me. Sure, turkey spurs are sharp ... but they just don't scare me like bear claws do.

I've been hunting black bears on an annual basis with Rick Liske of Agassiz Outfitters for nearly a decade, and each year gets a little better than the one previous. Let me put it to you like this: Rick has given me the opportunity to reach nearly every goal a bear hunter could ever want. The only bucket-list bear items I have yet to check off are to shoot a true 8-footer (yea, black bears come that big and yes, I've seen one with Rick) and to shoot a true blonde bear (I've already claimed every other color the good Lord makes bears in).

Keep this in mind: The odds of a black bear running away from human interaction are so high that the danger factor is nearly non-existent. But even so, it's a bear ... and each one is equipped to tear me apart if I don't keep my head in the game at all times. And that's exactly why I hunt bears.

Here's a little peek to a hunt I experienced with Rick a few years back, when I was looking to score on my first color-phase black bear.

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