Go Steady With Turkey Fanning

You've more than likely seen hunters use the “fanning” or “reaping” technique on a turkey hunt, you might have even tried it yourself. No doubt it adds a new, intense element to turkey hunting—really there’s no other way to get in a turks grill without employing this approach. One thing however has been extremely difficult—holding your gun with an attached fan up right and crawling on the ground.

MOJO’s Scoot & Shoot and Tail Chaser Decoys left an impression in the turkey world by making this new technique more popular and allowing hunters to have further success on mid-day hunts or when tom’s were henned-up and nearly impossible to kill. In some instances they even excite a gobbler so much that he'll charge.

Check out the video below to see some of the amazing footage the boys at MOJO were able to gather using the decoys mentioned above.

MOJO didn’t stop with the innovation—they took it to a higher plain by re-designing the Tail Chaser (which clamps to your gun) and adding a pair of legs to hold your gun up-right while crawling across the ground. Now when the fan is attached to your gun it won’t make creeping nearly as difficult and the fan will stay erect, hence the name Tail Chaser Erect.

See how simple it is to assemble and how it works:

Tail Chaser Erect Rev from Mojo TV on Vimeo.

As you can plainly see the Tail Chaser Erect will greatly enhance your “fanning” experience. For more information on these MOJO products go to MOJO.com.

The Scoot & Shoot, Tail Chaser and Tail Chaser Erect are shipping to retailers across the country now. Don’t want to wait, buy them below.

Tail Chaser Erect

Tail Chaser

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