The Secrets To Turkey-Hunting Comfort

Did you dig your ground blind out of your hunting equipment room yet? Do you want to get more out of your blind experience?

I’m going to be hunkered in my ground blind soon. My son will be armed with his Mathews No Cam, I’ll be manning the Nikon Rangefinder and hopefully an amorous gobbler (that means “horny” for you rednecks) will strut into bow range.

Do you want to get more out of your ground blind? Sure you can add a Lazy Boy recliner and Dish satellite service, but I’m thinking that’s just a bit too much to fit into the standard ground blind. How about you consider real gear that can help you get the job done this turkey season.

First, be comfortable. Do you remember those old camping stools your parents handed to you by the campfire? After an hour in one of those you need rehabilitation to walk upright again. Start by shopping for a real hunting chair.

For convenience and comfort you can’t beat the HuntMore 360 chair. This innovative chair is easy to pack, easy to assemble, sits solid on uneven ground, rotates quietly and is comfortable. For beefier, cushier options, shop the selection offered by Hunter’s Specialties. You can try out many of these if you visit a sporting goods store such as Cabela’s, and you can try out their Comfort Max 360 while you’re there.

The Foundation
Here’s an important piece of advice: Stake your ground blind firmly so it’s there when you want to hunt. Raise your hands if you’ve ever returned to your ground blind only to find it 2 days later in the next county.

Depending on the location, I use trapping stakes or, in severe-wind areas, I employ steel fence posts. Blind Saver makes spiral ground blind stakes that dig in tight and won’t pull out. And if you’ve ever experienced roof cave-in, they make an additional rod for ground blind roof support.

Are you good at juggling? With all the gear stowed in your ground blind it’s time to get organized. To get the job done, start with organization products such as those from Galena Outdoor Products. They manufacture shelves, racks, bow holders and camera holders that attach to the hubs of blinds. It’s the perfect way to organize everything noted above, plus your calls and the kitchen sink.

House Shopping
If you find that a traditional blind just isn’t cutting it, check out the Primos Double Bull Shack Attack. It’s big, it’s roomy, easy to set up and blends in perfectly to any backdrop.

Turkey season is the perfect time to get the bugs out of your ground-blind system before the fall hunting seasons swarm you. Plus, ground blinds are just downright convenient to use.

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