All Eyes On Eagles

Get an up-close look at a nesting pair of our national birds'—their eggs have hatched, the chicks are hungry and there’s always interesting things happening.

Growing up in central Minnesota I didn’t see many bald eagles during my childhood, on the off chance I did see one it was always a huge event. Now days they seem to be all over—I drive by two nests on my commute to the office every day. Heck, there’s even “eagle-cams” streaming live feeds of the birds in their natural habitat.

If you want to see some of the great action for yourself, take a look at the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s bald eagle cam, a nest near Codorus State Park in Hanover, PA. The chicks recently hatched and the nest is now busier than ever. Like any baby these little ones are hungry and they are always in constant need of mom or dad’s care.

To give you an idea of how many people are keeping their "eye" on the nest, when the e chicks' hatched almost 129,000 devices connected to the steam causing it to crash briefly the following day will beefed-up capacity the steam saw nearly 155,000 devices connect with out issues.

Tim Sears, the founder of HDOnTap (, the company that provided the camera and streaming services for the eagle cam project, said the company is proud to partner in an effort that's brought joy to so many.

"Along with the selfless care of the new little eaglets from some dedicated parents, it's amazing to watch the demand and popularity of the live stream grow," Sears said. "The warm comments from viewers and how the live stream has inspired all ages to learn more about eagles and conservation puts a big smile on everyone's face here at HDOnTap!"

What are you waiting for, join the millions of other viewers and take a peak. Who knows you might learn something from our fine feathered friends.

Watch Pennsylvania Game Commission’s bald eagle cam now

to see what's happening.

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