Save A Fawn With Your Smartphone

We all know fawns are an easy target for coyotes in the spring—why not save a few fawns with your smartphone, an app and a Bluetooth speaker.

If you have a smartphone and $59.95 you’re only a couple steps away from saving fawns and calling ‘yotes into shooting range, this spring. Along with your smartphone all you need to do is to get your hands on the new Extreme Dimension’s iHunt Speaker and four C batteries (not included). Then in May when you sync your phone (Android or iPhone) to the Bluetooth speaker you’ll be able to download the and the iHunt by Ruger App. for free.

By combining the app and the speaker you’ll turn your smartphone into a controller that gives you access to more than 600 sounds from 46 different species and allows you to control the volume of the speaker. Plus, you’ll get a 50-yard range allowing you the flexibility to strategically place the speaker wherever you need to in the field. On top of that, there’s no need for cell service or wifi once the app is installed on your phone.

But wait there’s more! The iHunt by Ruger App isn’t just for controlling the Extreme Dimension iHunt Speaker it has other features, too. It also boasts hunt logs, solunar times, and weather.

Don’t hesitate; get out and save some fawns!

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