'Old School' Perfection

There are two main reasons why guys love open sights: those shooting a lever-action rifle and those with aging eyes. But the benefits of high-quality open sights number far more than two.

With the exception of the Scout-style rifle, putting a magnifying optic on a lever-action rifle is considered taboo by many shooters. And it does look a little funky, mixing the old with the new.

But quite frankly, there are some shooters who simply can't see the factory iron sights that come on most lever guns, and you certainly can't hit what you can't see. Does that shooter have any other option than to abandon tradition and go with a magnifying scope? Or what about the concealed carry handgunner who wants more options?

No ... far from it, actually.

Check out this video from NAH's Empty Cases blogger Richard Mann:

Open sights aren't what they used to be, huh?

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