Never Miss A Critter On Your Property Again

If you’ve ever run trail cams on your hunting property you know how powerful of a tool they can be to aid in your hunt and with property management. But could there be a B&C giant on your hunting grounds that simply avoids the field of view on your current cameras? You may never know … unless you check this out.

Wildgame Innovations will be releasing (sometime in July) a truly revolutionary style of trail camera that won’t let any critter, no matter where they are within 70 feet of your camera, slip by. The 360 Cam will do exactly as the name says; take photos 360 degrees around the camera. Contained in a cylinder-shaped body there are six sensors that all connect to a 12 mega pixel camera that shifts, when movement is detected, to the correct location to snap a photo. To put it plainly it’s like having six cameras on a post!

Now you’ll be able to monitor the main trails whitetails use but also secondary ones and everything in between, too. Think of all the other possibilities this camera lends itself to; such as placing it in the center of a food plot to monitor entry and exit points of deer, you could put it under a feeder, place it at a stream crossing and so many more.

The 360 Cam encompasses an ultra-quiet infrared system that illuminates out to 70 feet for nighttime photos. With a system like this you might think it’s slow and only takes blurry photos of deer or snaps only their back side. If so, you’d be wrong because it has a rapid trigger that eliminates these common problems. The camera also has the ability to shoot 30 second HD video clips in 720p. As an added benefits you’ll get a USB cable for easier downloads and a custom T-Post mounting bracket.

Other Specifications
The 360 Camera supports up to a 32GB SDHC card (not included), it’s powered by eight AA cell batteries (not included) and has an external battery port for use with EBX (not included). The water resistant and weather endurable casing comes in new TRUbark HD texture camo.

For more information on the new Wildgame 360, the first "habitat" camera, please visit


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