Titus Talks With Turkeys: Part 1

Spring has finally sprung and the thunder is rolling—from thunder chickens that is! After a long winter and a few hunting opportunities, spring has finally arrived and with it comes the excitement of spring turkey season.

The sound of a tom turkey drumming his feathers is absolute music to every turkey hunter’s ears, leaving your hands shaking and heart pounding. In order for the moment of truth to arrive, first we must gear up, and for us ladies that is much easier and more fun to do than ever.

Shop, Shop, Shop—‘Til You Drop …
It was like having tunnel vision, working our way down the steep mountainside in the dark toward the valley below. I could hear the roar of the swollen creek, with waders in hand, I was prepared to cross. This was turkey hunting at its best.

The quick water rushed against my legs as I slowly waded across. The water was surprisingly warm compared to the cool morning air. As we made our way up the other side of the mountain, the sun was beginning to light up the sky and then we heard it—our first gobble.

Turkey season can be filled with lots of adventure. A good pair of socks, such as those in the Cabela’s OutfitHer sock line, offer a lightweight and mid-weight sock to keep your feet warm. Plus, they have Dri-Release technology, keeping them and your feet dry.

Run and gun much? BOA Hunting boots are my go-to turkey hunting footwear. If you are not familiar with BOA technology, let me give you a rundown: Plain and simple, the boots go on and off fast. If I am sitting in a ground blind and it gets hot, I can quickly take off my boots and let my feet relax. And just as easily, I can put them back on and run-and-gun after that tom that is skirting the edge of the woods. OutfitHer Speed Hunter BOA boots are light with an athletic shoe fit and comfortable feel and waterproof.

We set out our decoys just down from where we had spotted the large flock earlier that morning in hopes they would once again return to the roosting area. As I sat, anxiously awaiting, hoping the large tom would return, the ground I was sitting on was suddenly transformed into a sea of movement before my eyes.

What I had not anticipated was the hundreds of ticks that had also decided to get out and enjoy the warm weather. These small creatures were doing their best to try devour me. Or not—ticks, chiggers and gnats don’t stand a chance with bug-proof skin thanks to OutfitHer Bug Skinz top and pant. This ultra- comfortable 80/20 nylon/spandex will move comfortably with you all day long while keeping you safe from infestation and hidden with the Zonz Woodlands camo pattern. For extra bug protection and concealment, pick up the Bug Skinz hood.

Armed with two turkey tags and high expectations for the hunt, Kansas decided to live up to her windy reputation on opening morning of turkey season with robust winds that blew steadily at 20-30 MPH. We set up our decoys on a known travel corridor between a wheat field and woodland roosting area with the hopes of calling in a gobbler.

OutfitHer WindShear is the ultimate windproof, cool- weather fleece that will keep you on the hunt in the windiest of conditions. The hooded jacket, pant or vest will keep you comfortable warm during your next cold-weather turkey set.

On all hunts, I wear OutfitHer X6 shooter gloves. The leather palms protect my hands in brush and rocks while keeping them warm.

If you are so blessed to have warm weather turkey hunting conditions, OutfitHer Made in the Shade has your covered against the harmful UV rays with a UPF rating of 30. This durable nylon pant and shirt is my go-to set for all hunting conditions. It is easy to layer under and over, quick-drying and light weight.

This was my second annual Rogue Chapter RMEF youth turkey hunt. Everything was going perfectly for first-time hunter, 9-year-old Spencer Ensminger. The three jakes came in on a string and were less than 20 yards away. We were sitting absolutely still for 17 minutes, waiting for the perfect opportunity for one of the birds to separate from the beating of the jake decoy.

Stay tuned for the conclusion …

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