Titus Talks With Turkeys: Part 2

Have you ever tried to sit absolutely still and not move a single inch for nearly 20 minutes—or longer in some cases—while turkey hunting?

Did you get a chance to read part No. 1 of this post? Well, after a few moments of long anticipation, Spencer chose his bird and pulled the trigger. Game over. And then it was my turn …

If you are going to be successful at hunting turkeys, you had better be comfortable sitting for long periods of time. Fortunately for us ladies, the OutfitHer Tat’r turkeyvest has it all—comfort, with a cushy speed seat, back and lumbar padding for support and a true custom fit. You can fit everything you need in the field into the specially designed pockets and pouches.

The birds were just as anxious as I was to get moving after being relieved of the heavy storm that had ripped through the day before. I called for just over an hour, letting out a couple series of yelps and purrs, when an aggressive gobbler responded. Moments later, I had several more gobblers also respond and start coming from the opposite direction. There I sat in the epicenter of eager gobbling toms.

My favorite way to call turkeys is with a mouth diaphragm call. In my opinion, Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls makes the finest diaphragm calls on the market. They have several tones to choose from: Raspy Cutter, Gobbler Getter and the Lil Yelper. The Lil Jake is designed with a narrow frame for folks with a small palate area. If you are looking some volume, check out their Turkey Strutter box call.

As quickly as the weather had changed, thankfully, so had my luck. A flock consisting of jakes and three mature toms emerged into the field and ran straight to my decoys. Without hesitation, I took aim and fired on the tom of my choice. After 3 days of hunting, I was finally able to fill one of my turkey tags with a mature gobbler.

Gobble, Gobble … BOOM!
Many women, myself included, have struggled in the past with finding a proper fitting firearm—but those days are long over. The Browning Micro Midas collection of firearms is specifically designed with small-framed shooters in mind with a shorter 13-inch length of pull. Out of the box, the gas operated, semi-automatic, Silver Hunter is light weight, easy to shoulder and comes ready to hunt with three Invector- Plus choke tubes and a brass front bead sight. It’s available in both 12 and 20 gauge.

If you are shooting a 20 gauge like myself, you will love Hornady’s new offering in the Heavy Magnum Turkey line up. They offer it all: 3-inch with No. 5 nickel-plated lead shot, and 3-inch 12 gauge with either No. 4, 5 or 6 nickel-plated shot that give lethal results out to 50 yards.

Dress Up Time …
Dressing a tom turkey is a messy operation; plucking feathers, removing wings, legs and the neck. You might want to invest in a Buck Knife to make quick work of the job. The new Open Season Boning knife is my top pick from start to finish, featuring a fixed blade and comfortable handle.

After all the preparation and celebrating the success of the hunt, we can now put our aprons on, head into the kitchen and cook up a delicious wild turkey dinner. Bon appetite!

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