The Tough Just Got Tougher!

GlenDel releases an all-new 3D crossbow target that's tough enough for 400+ FPS bolts.

Crossbow hunters: Have you been searching for a suitable 3D whitetail target? GlenDel has you covered with their new 3D Crossbow target.

Measuring Up
This bad boy simulates a 200-pound live weight whitetail and possesses 150 inches of antler, to aspire you to shoot a Boone & Crocket buck next fall. It stands 34 inches at the shoulder and is 56 inches tall in total.

More For Your Buck
The new 3D target integrates a 4-sided high-density compress and layered core that has sufficient ability to stop 400+ fps bolts with either field tip or broads heads. The core also has 5-times more shooting surface than other 3D targets. Each side of the core offers different vital positions and is capable of being purposed for many different shot angels including broadside, quartering away and evaluated shots that simulate shooting from a treestand. And like traditional GlenDel Targets you can purchase a replacement insert to prolong the life you the target.

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