Fire Is The Answer For Prime Habitat

Grant Woods and team have shown us countless times how to use prescribed burning to help you create prime habitat but they've slacked in showing us the results. This time it's different you get to see how effective the burns can be. Plus Grant shares some great tips for preparing last years plot's for spring planting season.

Results...everyone loves to see results! Not only does Grant share the outcome of a prescribed burn he and his crew did last fall he compares it to a property that hasn't been burned in a few years. The differences in habitat and forage for critters will astound you. Grant also shares how preforming a growing season fire will absolutely work better for killing brush.

Also, the team shares how to easily and properly prepare last seasons plot's with Round-Up/ Glyphosate for planting new crops this spring.

Now sit back and learn a thing or two from the master of land management Dr. Grant Woods in the video below.

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