Time Lapse: Life Cycle Of A Morel Mushroom

The cold is gone, the sun is out, turkeys are gobbling and morels are growing—like crazy. What are you waiting for… get out and grab a bucket full of these tasty fungi.

Hunting for morels is an event the entire family can enjoy. Not only does it get you out of the house, it also serves as a good time to check trail cams, scout for turkeys, and shed hunt while you grab a tasty treat. These mushrooms have been known to spring up overnight so you can search the same spots one day and not see any morels and come back the next day and, viola, there’s a heap of them.

In actuality the cycle of hickory chickens (morels) can vary greatly depending upon a few factors like temperature, humidity, and soil conditions. The video below showcases the life cycle of a morel that takes 15 days from start to finish.

Words of Caution: After finding morels don’t eat them raw because they have a small amount of toxicity, but cooking them thoroughly will remove the toxins. Also, make sure you know how to properly identify morels from false morels. False morels can be extremely toxic— here's how you tell the difference!