Turkey Fanning: Tips To Get Started

Turkey "fanning" or "reaping" is becoming more and more popular across the nation, now it your turn to give it a try. Mark Kayser shares some tips that will help you get started in this new, adrenaline filled way to hunt gobblers.

You've watched all the videos, seen awesome footage of turkey hunters sneaking up and killing gobblers at close range and finally decided this is the year your going to try fanning. But where do you start—Here!

"How do you properly use the fan?" "Is it safe?" "How am I supposed to see a turkey when there's a fan in my face?" Are all probably questions you've asked yourself about this popular new way to hunt turkeys and lucky for you, Mark Kayser has answers for those questions and more in the video below.

Here are some tips to get you started turkey fanning:

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