4 Kids, 4 Dead Turkeys And A Strutting Hen?

It's a Growing Deer-TV episode full of kids shootin' turkeys with their dads'. Watch as four youngsters put the hurt on some turkeys. Plus, a special guest appearance from a not-so-normal strutting hen?

Hang on to your seat as the Growing Deer-TV crew takes you on four action packed turkey hunts, with youths. First up Grant and Rae hit the field looking for a mature tom. Then Seth and Trace head out and have an odd stutter. Next, Pruitt and his dad, Norman have to do a little improvising to get Pruitt's tom. Finally, Adam and his daughter Karsyn put the hammer down on a big tom in a classic Ozark Mountain style hunt.

If you want to see the strutting hen go to the 8:36 mark.

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