There's A New Grill In Town

It used to be that pellets on your patio meant you had too many squirrels in your yard. But not any more ...

Who doesn't enjoy grilling? Seriously, next to smoking a whole side of beef or a venison roast you put in the freezer, is there another more manly method of preparing meat for the table? I think not.

There was a time when propane and charcoal were about the only methods of fuel available for lighting the burners of a grill, but there was also a time when men hunted with clubs and spears. Hunters have evolved, and so have grills.

Mark Kayser and I recently shared a hunting camp with the fellas from Camp Chef, where we were both introduced and blown away (not by the Wyoming winds) at the innovation behind Camp Chef's new line of pellet grills.

Check this out:

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