New Release: Nikon’s PROSTAFF 7i Rangefinder

A big part of hunting is accurate shooting. Accurate shooting is all about trajectory. Trajectory knowledge hinges on determining the distance between you and your target.

I’ll admit that there was a time many years ago when I didn’t carry a rangefinder. When bow hunting, I didn’t plan to shoot past 30 yards and I was certain I could tell the difference between 20 and 30 yards. Same for hunting with a rifle: I perfected my close game and kept shots within 20 yards.

But it wasn’t until I started carrying a rangefinder that I realized how much “distance guessing” was limiting my shooting abilities and opportunities. The bow or gun I carried was capable of accuracy well beyond how I was using them, but it was my inability to determine distance that was holding me back.

Take my mistakes and use them to streamline your skillset: Put a rangefinder in your pocket and take your shooting to levels you could only previously imagine.

New From Nikon
Nikon has recently expanded its line of laser rangefinders with the addition of the brand spankin’ new ProStaff 7i. True to Nikon form, this pocket-sized tool utilizes Nikon’s ID (incline/decline) Technology and provides precision, speed and consistency out to 1,300 yards. The exceptional accuracy the ProStaff 7i delivers—especially at long ranges—means that rifle hunters and long-range shooters have a diverse, precision rangefinder they can rely on.

But make no mistake: This rangefinder is ideally suited to cater to bow hunters as well. Think about it—one rangefinder for your pocket, whether you’re early season bow hunting or chasing buck with a rifle in November. Hook me up.

The ProStaff 7i readings are accurate to +/- 0.5 yard at 600 yards or less, to +/- 1 yard from 600-1,000 yards, and to +/- 1.5 yards at 1,000 yards and beyond with true 1,300-yard reading capabilities.

Hyper Read Technology
The ProStaff 7i also sports Nikon’s Hyper Read technology, meaning that clear distances are displayed extremely fast regardless of how far away the target is. The measurement is displayed in approx. a half-second, guaranteeing a stress- free and accurate measurement with one push of the button. After 8 seconds, the display will shut off automatically.

ID Technology
ID technology, horizontal distances are given based on incline or decline shooting angles. The rangefinder also has Tru- Target Technology, which allows users to toggle between ranging modes.

In “first target priority mode,” the distance measured is the closest measured target, giving users a precise reading to the desired target. In “distant target priority mode,” the distance displayed is the farthest target amongst a group of targets being measured. In both of these modes, holding down the measurement button provides 8 seconds of continuous measurement readings.

The ProStaff 7i also features a waterproof design, making it ideal for extreme outdoor use, even in the wettest conditions. Combine all these features with the compact size and single button operation, the ProStaff 7i makes ranging targets accurate and extremely quick.

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