FUBAR Friday: Bear Breaks Into Car

When nature and people collide, there’s no telling what a crazy critter might do.

A Sandpoint, Idaho, woman learned a valuable lesson recently about living in bear country: Don’t leave food inside your unlocked vehicle or you might pay the consequences of extensive damage to its interior.

Vivian Swansen looked out her window Tuesday night and saw the dome light was on in her car.

“My first thought was, ‘Somebody’s stealing my car.’ And then my second thought was, ‘Where’s the loaded gun when you need one?” she told Spokane, Washington, television station KXLY.

Concerned about her purse, Swansen went outside to investigate and confront the intruder.

“The door was open on the driver’s side,” she said. “So I got in the car and I looked to see if they took my purse—but my purse was still there.”

Then she noticed the condition of her car’s seats.

“I saw this big chunk of foam in between the seats and I was like, ‘What kind of a thief comes in breaks in and leaves something for you?’ So then I turned and saw the damage,” she said.

Check out this tutorial about how to survive a bear attack, should you choose to stand your ground and defend your car and your beef stew ... which, for the record, isn't recommended.

She examined the car for further clues, spotting big paw prints on all the doors and windows. All that appeared to be missing was a Tupperware container that had been full of beef stew from her daughter.

With damage to the car estimated at $5,000, Swansen said she’s learned her lesson.

“I’m going to make sure the doors are locked every night. And make sure that there is no food in it,” she said.

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