5 Books Every Hunter Should Read

It would be nice if we could hunt all the time. We can’t, so we often read about hunting. Isn't that how you got here?

I know, you can prowl this site looking for hunting videos, but it’s hard beat a good book by a warm fireplace sometimes. With the advent of the modern personal electronic device, you can even look reasonably cool while reading. This will keep friends from looking at you weird when you carry around a book you just can’t put down.

For hunters, here are my Top 5 hunting books of all time. I suggest you start with No. 5—it is the least expensive—and work your way down the list. After No. 1, it will be hard to find anything that can compare.

No.5: The Lion Hunter

In the days when all of South Africa was virgin hunting field. Written by Scottish traveler and sportsman, Roualeyn George Gordon-Cumming, this book is best described as weird. The writing style is horrid and so is the spelling. You might even find the methods and techniques used for hunting in this book offensive. No matter, this is an honest look at what it was like to hunt in Africa in the mid 1800s. I’ll almost guarantee there will be times while you’re reading this book that your jaw will drop open. And, the next day you’ll be telling your hunting buddies about the craziness you read.
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No. 4: Aagaard’s Africa

Finn Aagaard was a professional hunter in Kenya before hunting was banned there. He moved to the United States with his wife and kids, and he set up shop in Texas. Before long Finn was writing about his adventures in various gun and hunting magazines, and he developed a devout following for his matter-of-fact and trustworthy writing style. If you long to hunt Africa or are planning an African safari, you should read Finn’s book.
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No. 3: The Life Of The Hunt

John Barsness is one of the most talented outdoor writers of all time. He has the ability to make the mundane interesting and teach you something in the process. His true skill is in telling stories and his book, The Life of the Hunt, is full of stories about hunting. Some say that Barsness’ writing makes them feel like they were there. I say, it makes me truly wish I had been there.
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No. 2: John Macnab

John Macnab is an old Scottish novel about old hunters who have turned to poaching for sport. It contains the single best account of a single big game hunt and fishing adventure I have ever read. With mystery, romance and comedy, you cannot go wrong with John Macnab, which was written by Scottish diplomat John Buchan, who was one of Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite writers.
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No. 1: Jock Of The Bushveld

Hunters—real hunters—all have a story about a hunting dog. While some men may have a hunting partner they long to share the woods with, nothing comes close to sharing the outdoors with a dog. And, as far as hunting books go, nothing comes close to Jock of the Bushveld. If you can read this book and not shed a tear, I don’t like you because there is something wrong with you. Written by Percy Fitzpatrick and published in 1907, there is no question, this is the No. 1 hunting book of all time.
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