Now That's A .22 LR!

We all know that shooting a .22 LR is some of the best practice for a rifleman. Here's a .22 LR that leans a bit more on the fun side of shooting.

We've all heard the law enforcement/soldier mantra of, "Two to the chest and one to the head." And as bog game hunters, we know the "aim small, miss small" mantra means one to the boiler room leads to s short blood trail. Well, here's gun crafted from a historic firearm that earned it's reputation by shooting "a lot to the everywhere."

Another awesome gun from Standard Manufacturing Company:

As we progress through our hunting career, most of us become more and more infatuated with hitting a smaller and smaller target, from farther and farther away, with the first shot every time ... with both gun and bow. Precision shooting, if you will.

But we cannot deny that shooting "a lot to the everywhere" still get's us excited. And, as Grandpa used to say, "Pull the trigger, son. They make more ammo every day."

In that vein, this .22LR replica Thomson machine gun (no, this replica is not a full auto) seems like that feather in the cap of any well-rounded gun collection. It's a a look-alike: It's a historically scaled firearm of the working guns that etched their bullet holes in history during the '20s.

Here's a few words direct from the manufacturer, Standard Manufacturing Company:
The frame is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, all of the mechanical components are precision machined from steel and hand fitted to the hardwood furniture to the highest level of workmanship and the size of this gun is perfectly scaled to the .22LR caliber resulting in a weight of under 5 pounds!

A 10-round magazine is furnished with the gun, and a 50-round drum is under development. This is the first time in history that a scaled Thompson has been available for sale and this marvel of engineering will certainly become the centerpiece of your collection. The handmade quality of these guns is incredible and they will only have a limited-time production run. These guns are available for immediate delivery to dealers.

Caliber:.22 Long Rimfire
Overall Length: 34.5 inches
Operation: Semiauto
Approximate Weight: 4 pounds, 10 ounces
Barrel Length: 16.5 inches

Seems like a solid means of removing the garden-eating rabbits in my backyard, as well as aerating my lawn at the same time.

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