Review: The Perfect AR Field Cleaning Kit

ARs make great predator guns. And although they are extremely robust, an AR still needs to be cleaned. Here’s a field kit certain to keep you shooting.

We all know that great rifles can be built around the AR-15 design. And keeping your great rifle clean is a necessary chore. So, here's a neat little field cleaning kit you might want to consider for your pet AR predator rifle.

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This one is made by Pro-Shot and is part of their Special Ops Series of rod kits. The kit contains a multi-section rigid cleaning rod with a swiveling handle, a double-end nylon cleaning brush, a bore brush, jag, chamber brush, chamber mop, needle oiler, cleaning patches, lubricant and a silicone cloth. That's fairly complete, although there aren't enough patches or solvent—there never are in a field kit.

The only thing I'd like to see added is a carbon scraper of some kind, but that's easy to add. Everything comes in a nylon pouch, and predator hunters will want to get the "coyote brown" color, of course.

I know, there are more compact cleaning kits available that use a pull-through system instead of a rod, and Pro-Shot makes them as well. Pull-through kits are certainly compact, but for my money they just don't have the cleaning efficiency or versatility that a rod has. If weight and size are critical, then a pull-through is fine. But for most predator hunting applications, a cleaning kit stashed in the truck is all that's needed, and then size and weight aren't a big concern.

With a sturdy rod like the one provided in this kit, not only can you clean a gun, but you can also push out barrel obstructions or tap out a stuck cartridge case. That capability alone can easily save a hunt.

Pro-Shot makes this kit in .223 Rem. and .308 Win. calibers. I've been using the .308 Win. kit and everything appears to be of high-quality and it all works perfectly—which is unlike some cheap bore brushes I bought recently. They worked OK to push through the bore, but after they cleared the bore, I tried to pull them back and the bristle portion pulled out of the ferrule and left me with a plugged bore. I was not happy.

You won't get that with Pro-Shot products. They are a family owned company, based in Illinois, and have been in business for 33 years. They make good stuff.

So, I’m simply saying that you get what you pay for.

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