Nebraska Prairie Grouse Hunt

Former North American Hunter Editor-in-Chief Gordy Krahn heads to Nebraska for an early season prairie grouse hunt.

Gordy hooked up with Gobble n' Grunt Outfitters to sample some of the awesome prairie grouse hunting Nebraska has to offer. Some folks might wonder why anyone would travel a long distance to only take three birds a day but Gordy's a die-hard wing shooter that enjoys all different types of upland hunting. Plus, it's a great early season tune-up for his britney's. 

Millions of prairie grouse (also known as prairie chickens) use to inhabit the large prairies of the Great Plains. Their unique mating dances still enchant all that come across the magnificent display. Now more than 99 percent of their habitat is gone and prairie chickens only exist in small pockets. Have no worries these smart, resilient little birds are tough as nails and will continue to exist for future generations.