First Time Elk Hunters: Get In Shape

Hunting elk out west isn't an easy task but if you're out of shape the hunt is nearly impossible.

So... you're going on your first elk hunt, you remembered your gun or bow, you packed all your gear and you have a great guide—Did you remember to get in shape? You won't be treestand hunting, and that short walk or ATV ride you're used to will be much longer and on the side of a mountain.

To have the best hunt be certain you train no less than three months for your trip. Your regiment should include running/jogging, biking, lifting weights and hiking with a pack full of gear. Be sure to push your limits of comfortable when training. Why? You can bet your britches that trophy elk you'll be chasing will find the nastiest and thickest spot on the side of the mountain and you'll have to go after him. 

Good Luck!

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