Subzero South Dakota Whitetails

Mark Kayser withstands everything Mother Nature can throw at him on this South Dakota whitetail hunt on Englehart Ranch.

Rain, sleet, snow and 40+ mile an hour winds didn't keep Mark Kayser from hunting whitetails in Northwest South Dakota. On day two of the hunt Mark had the chance to shoot a dandy buck at close range, but never one to be quick on the trigger he held off for a better deer. With only a few hours left on the hunt Mark has to seal the deal on a nice buck - a position he's all too used to..

Mark had deer all around him even in the crappy weather, it goes to show you no matter what the conditions are deer still move and give hunters opportunities to hunt them.

So... next time you're out on a whitetail hunt and the weather isn't working in your favor stick it out and change your tactics if you need to. The rewards and the story that goes with them are priceless.

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