A British Columbia Black Bear For Joe Jurevicius

Former NFL pro, Joe Jurevicius is on Vancouver Island spot-and-stalk black bear hunt with North American Hunter’s Gordy Krahn.

Wait, Gordy a chiseled athlete?—that’s beside the point. Joe spent 11 years as a wide receiver in the National Football League, played in three Super Bowls and won one. Heck, he even appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated after his performance in Super Bowl XXXVII. After all those accomplishments how can a guy stay on top... by going hunting, of course? 

Joe was introduced to hunting from former Penn State QB and NFL Pro Kerry Collins. After his first whitetail hunt with Kerry he was hooked—as a hunter you know why. 

It’s obvious that both Gordy and Joe have a passion for hunting and they are both experts at their crafts. That said, when you pair up a pro hunter and a pro athlete you need a pro caliber hunt and that's just what this spot-and-stock black bear hunt on Vancouver Island was. Really, there aren't many better places to hunt black bears. 

Enjoy the show!

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