10-year-old girl bags record-setting 800-lb. gator

Warning to any gators reading this: If you see Ella Hawk, run!

She now has alligator shoes and bags for life.

10-year-old Ella Hawk of Houston was out hunting when an 800-pound alligator made the mistake of getting between her and her crossbow.

Ella rocked the 13-foot reptile from about 15 yards while hunting with her pop, Tony Hawk (not the skateboarder) in South Texas.

The 13-foot-long 800-lb. beast was ranked No. 1 in the Trophy Game Records of the World’s database, according to the Victoria Advocate.

Ella told Fox News, “I wasn’t scared but I was nervous,” about taking the shot that nailed the gator right between the eyes. Not as nervous as other gators crawling around her neighborhood we're guessing.

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