North American Hunter TV Show 3, 2015: Africa

Luke Hartle and the North American Hunter TV crew travel to Africa and bring along some special guests.

NAH host Luke Hartle is on his first trip to Africa and in addition is hosting the 2015 Master Mentor Award winner John Stanley and his son Andrew. This bucket-list trip exemplifies how special it is to travel to Africa and how special it is to mentor others. Aside from winning trips or other prizes it’s imperative that we as hunters continues to mentor new hunters to keep the hunting traditions alive for future generations. Don't limit mentoring to just youngsters take your co-worker, church member or neighbor that's expressed interest in hunting, on a hunt with you. 

Be sure to catch the full episode on Destination America, The Pursuit Channel, and Wild TV this week, October 12- 19. Don't forget to check local listings for precise air times.



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