NAH TV Show 4, 2015: Mathews Minute - Throwable Archery Targets

Take your archery practice to the next level and have fun doing it with throwable archery targets.

Don't get stuck in a rut work with your archery practice. This means change it up and get out of the indoor range or stop using a stationary target, not that those aren't good options to help keep your mechanics in check. Get a thowable target and it will help you get ready for unexpected shots that are frequent when you're hunting. Think about it... how often has a deer, turkey or other critter walked right where you expected them to? 

After you get yourself a thowable target head out to your back yard or other spacious area and chuck the target anywhere, range it and shoot. When you get bored with that or more confident in judging distances stop using your rangefinder and simply shoot the target. You could even get more creative and invited a buddy or two over to your place and make a game out of it. Throw the target and each take a turn shooting at it. Then whoever gets closest to a designated spot on the target gets a point and throws the target next. Play up to 10 or 20 points and you'll have a great time. Think of it as bocce ball with archery tackle. 

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