SEMA Highlight: Cargo Glide

If you've ever had to crawl into the box of your pickup to retrieve something, you're gonna love the Cargo Glide.

Cargo Glide slide out trays are ideal for anyone who accesses their cargo on a regular basis. Contractors, farmers and outdoorsmen will all appreciate the value of having their pickup bed literally come to them with the Cargo Glide. Models range from 1000 pound to 2200 pound capacity, with the heavier duty ones extending 100% of the box length, and the lower profile ones extending 70% of the box length.

They feature tie-downs, load dividers and a non-slip finish to prevent your load from sliding. These units also work well with SUV's and utility trailers, so no matter what you're hauling, or what you're driving, you'll save yourself from becoming frustrated with loading and unloading cargo.

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