SEMA Highlight: The Winch2Go

This is one winch that's ready to go with you...

All your winching gear, in one easy tackle box.  Meet the Superwinch Winch2Go - it's ready to hop in your trunk, sit on your atv/snowmachine, hang off your receiver hitch or bolt down to your trailer.  Everything you need, in one simple package. 3 Shackles, two straps, one pulley block (capable of pulling up to 8,000 lbs), handheld remote, battery leads and official Superwinch leather gloves.  It's clear to see why we included a way to lock the Winch2Go with all this loot packed inside.

Superwinch's Winch2Go adds more go with stock pre-wired quick disconnects.  Simply plug the battery leads and remote and you're ready to winch. Both sockets are recessed to prevent damage. Use the four bolt holes in the winch base to permanently mount or use the included straps to secure the winch for a pull.  Two-hole mounting is available as well for pulls under 4,000 lbs.  For portable pulls, using a double line technique you can pull up to 8,000 lbs.

More pulling power, wherever you need it; that's the promise of the new Superwinch Winch2Go. Designed from the ground up, this 4000lbs capacity contains everything you need (straps, blocks, shackles) to make pulling a snap! For more information visit