Tomar Offroad Lighting

Now TOMAR brings its 45 years of experience to the Off-Road lighting market.

The TRX series off-road LED lightbars set a new standard in performance, configurability and maintainability.

Some of the unique features of Tomar’s TRX series lights include the following:

  • Low current switching eliminates the need for relays
  • Dimming capability
  • Field interchangeable lamp modules for customizable beam spread
  • True dual color amber white modules
  • Individual activation of spot and flood modules in the same lightbar
  • Individual activation of required running lights on properly configured models
  • SOS distress flash pattern
  • Available Lengths: 4”, 6”, 10”, 15”, 20”, 25”, 30”, 35”, 40”, 45" 50”, 60"

TRX series lightbars are rated IP-67K and are pressure tested for water emersion up to 100 feet. Each component of TRX lightbars are individually waterproofed  eliminating the need for a failure prone external gasket. Each light module is hermetically sealed using linear vibration welding and patented over molded heat extraction technology. The control electronics are completely encapsulated in a urethane potting compound.  Deutsch waterproof connectors are used for all interconnects between the vehicle wiring and the lightbar.

In addition to making the TRX the most maintainable lightbar on the market the individually replaceable lamp modules make changing beam angles in the field a snap. Replacing a lamp module can be done in less than one minute by simply removing two screws disconnecting the lamp at the waterproof connector and plugging a new lamp in. The basic building blocks of the TRX lightbar are 3” and 6” lamp modules. Lamp modules are available in the following configurations:


3” Lamp Modules
  10° spot  -  White
  50° flood  -  White
  10° spot  -  Amber
  50° flood  -  Amber

6” Lamp Modules
  10° spot - White
  60° combo - White
  80° flood - White
  80°/120° flood - White/Amber Combo

For over 45 years TOMAR Electronics has been an innovator and leading manufacturer of high quality, highly reliable and extremely efficient LED and strobe light systems for heavy industry and the emergency response vehicles market. All TOMAR products are designed, engineered, manufactured and serviced in our state of the art, energy star certified, factory located in Gilbert, Arizona USA.

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