Gear Review: Superfeet Trophy Insoles

The Superfeet Trophy line of insoles is the best thing you'll do for your feet all year.

What first caught my eye was the package they shipped the Superfeet Trophy insoles in. I was expecting a small, fairly light package to land on my steps, but instead a large heavy box arrived containing an authentic military ammo case. Inside I found several different insoles. Well, they had gotten my attention.

Now, full disclosure, I had just returned from my whitetail hunt up in the tundra of northern Minnesota. The conditions were, as usual, wet. Luckily temps were mild, so I lived in my Muck boots. As luck would have it, I use those same Mucks on my hobby farm every day. Oh, I would put those Superfeet insoles through a test alright.

I knew the heavy molded arches would serve me well as I suffer from some minor plantar fascitis. I slipped the Trophy HUNT insoles easily into the boots and have been there since. Which brings me to my first annoyance with many other insoles - they follow my foot out of the boot and are left hanging there halfway up the calf. When I go to use the boot again, I tersely shove the insole back down with my hand, or am left with a curled flap under my foot. Cripes.

I'm happy to report the HUNT insoles are still intact and have not annoyed me even once. They form fit to my arches and do add warmth to the rubber boots. I hope to use them all winter and given their performance so far, that shouldn't be an issue. They also sent the Trophy TRAIL insoles, which I will swap out come warmer weather as they work to keep your feet cool. There is also Trophy GUIDE insoles that I'll put in my other hunting boots, as they are designed for high mileage.

My daughter took a pair  of female HUNT insoles to use in the city. She lives in downtown Minneapolis and walks to work and back amidst the ice and slush of early winter. She too has been impressed overall with the performance and comfort afforded her walking commute. What impressed her was the added support without feeling too bulky. She noticed a positive difference without having to get used to them first. I must concur.

With the onset of summer I switched out the HUNT insoles for the TRAIL insoles, and I have to say they too live up to their claim of keeping feet cooler and wicking away perspiration. I forget about them which is exactly what you want from a boot insole. I have saved time and effort with both types of insoles by not having to dry out my Muck boots. 

One tip on drying tall boots I learned from Mark Kayser - simply ball up newspaper and stuff the boot up to the ankles with them overnight. Then take out the newspaper and let it air dry while you hunt. It may not be as effective as the higher-tech dryers out there, but hey, it's FREE and easy to do without any AC power. With the Trophy insoles, I needed to do this much less often.

Whether you're a city-dweller or need support for work or hunting boots, these insoles are the best way to add comfort, reduce fatigue and stay warmer. I would have to give them my highest recommendation for comfort and arch support. Kudos on a great product. 

-Phred Nelson, North American Hunter

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