Introducing Hogue Knives Rebranding

Refreshing the Trusted Hogue Brand.

Hogue Inc.’s mantra has always been continuous improvement. Our engineers, designers, master tool makers, and employees all strive for excellence, and never settle for “good enough.”

Hogue believes that our dealers, distributors, and customers alike deserve the very best when buying a Hogue product, and we designed our new image and brand to guarantee that same quality.“We really wanted our consumers to be aware of everything Hogue Inc. has to offer, and unify the quality of our knife line with the Hogue Inc. brand,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Ryder Jones. The new look of Hogue Knives speaks to those high standards and it displays them through products with updated hardware, sleeker designs, a more extensive list of features, and the highest quality materials available. 

Additionally, Hogue knives now come in entirely rebranded packaging. The midnight blue, proud gold, and sterling silver stand out on the shelf and strongly differentiate themselves from the competition. This rebranding is also carried across to the Hogue website, social media, and advertisements, earnestly displaying a passion for the craft and leadership in the market.

But we didn’t stop there. The brand that has brought you the highest quality American made knives since 2010 is also bringing you new variations of the knives you already trust and love. There are now new scale options and blade finishes available for select models at a more economical price point, and all folding knives now ship with a Hogue Knife pouch made from top quality USA materials. Even more is in store for the future, with new exciting products waiting to be unveiled at Shot Show, and more knife models coming throughout the year.

Hogue knives are all American made in family owned facilities using the highest quality materials available. Each knife is backed by three generations of manufacturing experience, our limited lifetime warranty, and factory sharpening services provided for the entire life of the knife. Craftsmanship, precision, reliability, quality. We proudly bring you Hogue Knives.

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