3 Reasons To Learn How To Use At Least 3 Differnt Styles Of Turkey Calls

Mark Kayser shares 3 reasons why you need to learn how to use at least 3 different styles of turkey calls.

We all know hunting conditions and turkeys can be very unpredictable so here are three reasons why you need to arm yourself with at least three different styles of turkey calls for next spring.

1. The Weather:  Not all calls sound right in the rain or snow and some won't even work so you need to have a backup plan.

2. If you use more than one call on a setup you can sound like multiple hens and what tom can resist more than one hen.

3. Sometimes longbeards are just plain picky and don't like the sound of one type of call. 

Bonus: Often times it's good to carry multiple types of the same style call that produce different sounds for the same effect as tip 3 above. For example if you have a pot style call get one with a slate surface, one with  a glass surface and one with an aluminum surface.

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