Throwback Thursday: First TV Deer

We look back at Luke's first foray into the world of hunting on camera.

Here we find young Luke Hartle on his first-ever TV hunt in Kentucky. He had plenty of hunting experience, but learned how different it was to have a camera in tow out in the field. Bill Miller was also onhand hunting himself and offering pointers to young master Luke.

Luke is hunting from a ground blind and running the camera is none other than Melissa Bachman, who was a producer fresh out of college back then. Already a seasoned hunter herself, she was thrilled to be on the Kentucky property even if it meant helping field judge the deer and capturing it all for North American Hunter.

It took a few days of passing on bucks that didn't pass muster for that area, as nothing less than a 3-1/2 or 4-1/2 year-old animal would suffice. Luke finally decides on a mature whitetail to put this hunt into the books. A pretty successful start to TV hunting on all accounts.

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