Cold Late Season Whitetails

This is a good example of why you should get out and hunt even on the coldest days.

It's a late season hunt in central South Dakota and that means one thing for sure - it's COLD. Even the deer are taking cover and looking for a way to escape the chill.

Mark Kayser is hunting with TNT Outfitters, and sitting is excruciating so he's on a run and gun program. That's not a problem when you have riverbend oxbows to explore and bucks out on the move. 

Mr. Kayser takes you through the steps he takes to ensure the buck thinks he's another buck coming into his bedroom. He also uses his own technique for getting that dominant buck to stop in his tracks long enough to drill him with his Thompson Center rifle.

This is extreme hunting right out of the What would Mark Kayser Do? handbook.

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